PREMIUM - Tall Ventures LLC was formally established in 2002 after 6 years of entrepreneurial online ventures.    

From 2002 thru 2012 I explored numerous entrepreneurial ventures related and unrelated to IT.  IT related ventures were narrowly focused on web based, small business management systems, and all non-IT related ventures (numerous Real Estate realated ventures as well as Construction Contracting and a small metal art/craft business) were supported with robust, relevant online database management systems of my own design.

As of January 2013 my focus has turned almost exclusively towards Technology and commercialization of a small-business console that has been evolving since 1998.  With a properly designed database, the generic small business console should be able to serve many basic small business needs, and the console is a dynamic 'framework' where significant build out can co-exist between small-business owner and an IT professional.

My ultimate goal is to take the small business console components and put them to work with additional build out, ultimately creating several industry appropriate Saas applications.  Details on the 'systems' I'm looking to build out can be found in "Pet Projects".

"To be Simple is to be Great" - Emerson

The part I enjoy most about my software development work is presenting the simplicity that is at the core of every concept.


Bryan P. Canary